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New TV Aerial Chelmsford

Posted by in Blog | December 29, 2013

New TV Aerial Chelmsford

After sorting some of my pictures, I came across this one, and thought what a smashing picture and how long before summer arrives here with its lovely warmth and light and long days.  I think the picture was taken in Chelmsford where we fitted a new TV aerial and satellite dish.  The dish had to be high up the mast due to a large tree blocking the satellite signal, so on my sturdy 1” ½ alloy mast it was. Looking at the picture I can see the chimney stack was big enough to accommodate the large 5 brick course chimney cradle, which gives heavy duty support to the aerial for years and years to come.  Cheap isn’t the best way forward and in the long term spending a few extra quid on heavy duty bracket pays dividends as the aerial stay where it is fitted and with stands our weather.  A lot of aerial company’s still use the cheap and cheerful 6” chimney cradle which only takes up 2 brick courses of the chimney stack and with a 6ft steel pole fitted with an aerial at the top acting as a weight and the pole acting as a lever, it is guaranteed to damage the chimney stack as time goes on wearing the bricks away until the aerial comes down.  Which is why I choose to use heavy duty brackets and know I have done everything I can for my customers?

New TV Aerial Chelmsford

I always use aluminium masts for 3 reasons:  1) they look nicer than steel, and they become a part of our customer’s properties.  2) Aluminium mast are lighter in weight and minimise weight to the chimney cradle and chimney stack.  3) Aluminium masts are lighter for us to carry up to the roof, why would we use anything else?  The aerial in the picture is a Fracarro Log-Periodic w/b aerial which is my favourite choice of Aerials, as its construction and performance is fantastic!

Fracarro code 216150

Band UHF

Channel Europe E21-E69

Technical characteristics

Bandwidth MHz 470 – 862

Maximum gain dBi 11.5

Front to back ratio dB 36

Return loss dB – 15

Beamwidth (-3dB) ° +/- 25

Impedance Ohm 75

Mechanical characteristics

Dimensions (L x W) cm 115.5 x 86

Maximum mast Ø mm 60

Wind load at 120 Km/h (720 N/m2) kg (N) 3.0 (29.43 )

Connector Type F


Horizontal polarisation Included

Horizontal polarisation with tilt adj. PV10

Vertical polarisation Included

Vertical polarisation with tilt adj. PV10

Auxiliary boom N/A




New Tv Aerial Chelmsford



New Tv Aerial Chelmsford

 The above information is one of the many reasons I choose to use Fracarro Log-periodic aerial, all aerials have a set gain and they all have dips, the Fracarro has a good constant gain, which in my opinion is a great aerial for my customers, and with its superior waterproofing we happy to guarantee it for 5years.

New TV Aerial Chelmsford

We still come across some of our customers who believe they need and ultra-high gain aerial and insist on having a monster put up when they are in a good signal area; too much signal can be as much of a pain as to little.  If the signal requires a little lift a masthead pre-amp is our choice rather than heading down the 16ft 2” mast for height and an ultra-high gain aerial, but every engineer has different methods of getting signal.


Aerial Repairs

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Aerial Repairs

   I was called out yesterday by one of my customers who I have worked for in the past and look after their TV system.  They had suffered a massive power surge and lost their system all 3 sky boxes were not working and the aerial for free-view was down too.  The type of system my customer has is not something  I generally get involved with, but of the summer of 2012 I had some time and took on the challenge of getting it working as it did not function very well,  and the company who installed it did not appear to want to return.  As a rule I do not work with sound and do not wish to but I enjoyed connecting it up and getting the TV’s around the house working.  It took my hours alone getting all the cables the same length and fitting connections to them and making it possible to wheel out the cabinet which houses the equipment so cables can be accessed.   With the heat generated by the unit air-con would be a good idea keeping the environment temperature correct.  I never understand why installers choose to install a system in the middle of the house where running new cables (replacement or additional) is extremely difficult or near impossible as the system is housed in the middle of the house, not by an external wall where entry and exit of anything additional or any replacement cables can be done easily.

Aerial Repairs

TV Aerial Fitter Chelmsford Essex

Posted by in Blog | December 26, 2013

TV Aerial Fitter Chelmsford Essex

Tv Aerial Fitter Chelmsford Essex

It’s getting close to Christmas and everyone wants the perfect picture on their TV’s, our 2nd call of the day was for a pair of aerials to be fitted to a property in Chelmsford Essex where our customers wanted a TV aerial for London and another for Anglia.  Why just have one?  We had quoted our customer the week before and they booked us in while we quoting to get it done for the following week.  We removed their old aerial system and re-lashed their stack with our favourite heavy duty chimney cradle taking up 5 brick courses of the chimney stack.

New Aerial Installation Writtle

Posted by in Blog | December 4, 2013

New Aerial Installation Hatfield Broad Oak

New Aerial Installation Writtle

Saturday morning and were off to Hatfield Broad oak for a new aerial installation, when we arrived we were met by our customer who wanted an aerial fitting to their cottage, but keeping discreet to keeping their beautiful cottage looking natural and without aerial cables etc. on display.  Our first challenge was the thatched roof, over the past 19years of me installing aerials to various properties I knew I could extend my triple ladders up to the chimney stack and get to it without treading on the thatched roof, which our customer was very happy about.  We took some test reading with our test aerial connected to our spectrum analyser, and we were happy to use a log-periodic w/b aerial.  We at that time believed the aerial was only feeding one point so having taken signal reading I decided to fit a 10db masthead pre-amp to ensure our customers received a perfect signal.