Satellite repair and L.N.B replacement


Satellite repair and L.N.B replacement

Satellite Repair and L.N.B Replacement

The L.N.B has a life expectancy of 4 to 7 years as a rule, and from time to time it will be in need of replacement. Your satellite system will not work without it. Replacement can be necessary as a result of the L.N.B failing, but replacement as a result of accidental damage is far more common.  Damage caused by scaffolding being erected on adjoining property is an extremely common occurrence. Low fixed satellite dishes are particularly vulnerable to footballs being kicked on them or even vandalism. The L.N.B are relatively fragile and are easily broken.

We will always advise our customers on the best place to site a satellite dish with consideration to line of sight, signal quality and keeping the satellite dish discreet and out of sight.

If you are upgrading your Sky satellite subscription to Sky+ or Sky HD, you may need to change from a single L.N.B to a Quod, Quartto or an Octo L.N.B, or if you wish to run several satellite boxes from one dish.

We always run our cables discreetly and neatly and completely out of sight when possible.

Our vans are stocked with a comprehensive array of parts and components to ensure our customers can have their FreeSat or Sky satellite restored as quickly and conveniently as possible.

We repair and install Sky systems and FreeSat systems. 

Unfortunately, we do not install or repair other satellite systems such as Hotbird etc



Satellite Repair And L.n.b Replacement