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Aerial Repairs


If you are experiencing problems with your existing TV aerial Installation such as Picture Blocking or Freezing Images.  You may require an aerial repair or a replacement TV aerial.

Andy’s Aeriasl have all the necessary and latest digital equipment to test and fault find your aerial or aerial system. With our wealth of experience in problem diagnostics you can be assured that we will find the fault.  We will advise you on the best solution, whether that be an aerial repair or an aerial replacement.

Aerial replacement:

The life expectancy of an aerial is somewhere in the region of 2o to 25 years.  Although aerials are made of aluminium (and plastic) they are still susceptible to decay.  In particular, the dipole covers (where the coax joins the aerial) are plastic, so with years of exposure to sunshine and bitter winters, the plastic gradually disintegrates.  Allowing water to seep in where it eventually reaches your coax cable, and from there your amp or worse still, your TV.  If your cable is dripping water; it is because your aerial need replacing.

Aerial replacement:

If your aerial is at the end of its life expectancy an aerial repair might not be the best option for you.   A new replacement digital aerial may be the answer.  Andys Aeriasl will always find time to explain your options to you, and find a solution.  We wiil try and offer a solution within your budget.  Some aerial repairs can be straightforward, such as an aerial re-alignment for example.

Aerial fix
A common aerial repair can require the removal or replacement of the reflector plate.  Other aerial repairs can be a case of replacing the coax cable which may be letting water in.  The previous installation company has replaced the aerial but neglected to replace the coax cable. (probably because they were lazy because this is a lot of word).  For whatever reason, If the coax cable is in need of replacement Andy’s Aerials can easily replace the coax cable for you. Unfortunately not all aerials are of the same quality and like everything else in life you only get what you pay for.  Cheap may be a good solution in the short term, but due to inferior parts and design they will not have the same life expectancy as a premium quality aerial.

Aerial repairs inspections:

At we carry a small selection of good quality aerials that we know from experience have stood the test of time.  Our customers will always benefit from our knowledge, experience and expertise when we recommend the optimum aerial for a specific job.

With regard to the fixtures and fittings, we always endeavour, where possible to use heavy-duty masts and cradles.  It should be pointed out that not all chimney stacks can accommodate large cradles.  If the chimney stack has been designed with a proud brick course, it could prevent a large cradle being used.  Because the brick course protrudes the large cradle does not sit square.  So by using a smaller cradle you bypass the proud course.

This is not a problem for you to worry about, as we carry an assortment of parts.  To be able to address the various challenges that we are often presented with, during our installation work.

This is why we carry a variety of quality parts on our vans, so we have a part for most solutions.

Just give us a call and we will happily come over to you and give you good honest and free advice.  Click here to return to our homepage

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Aerial Repairs