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New TV Aerial Chelmsford

Posted by in Blog | October 21, 2014

New Tv Aerial Chelmsford          New TV Aerial Chelmsford 

Not wrote many blogs recently due to not having any spare time.  We completed a job yesterday and looking at it we both thought we should take a couple of pictures and put it up with all our other proud work. Our customer originally called us for a new TV aerial Chelmsford, with a D.A.B aerial and d Sky satellite dish, when we arrived there was an aerial already in place but not receiving a good quality signal.  The original aerial engineer had nicely lashed the chimney stack and used an awesome 18” chimney cradle….  But lashed it at the front of the chimney stack putting the inferior TV aerial over the path and not the roof, hence bird poo all over our customer’s path.  As we were putting a Sky satellite dish on the stack as well we thought we would use the extra-large chimney cradle, but move it to the back of the chimney stack where if should have been fitted to start with.

New TV Aerial Chelmsford

We took some signal readings with our test aerial and we were happy using our famous Fracarro log-periodic w/b aerial on an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast.  The signal was to be Anglia Sudbury as the London signal was not very clever, but as our customer was having Sky too they could have London news on their Sky box and Anglia on the Free-View side, effectively our customers could choose which news they wanted to watch.  With the new TV aerial Chelmsford now up and running we attached the single element D.A.B aerial for our customer’s D.A.B radio and ran the ct100 high grade coax cable to the sitting room and connected it the their radio, which of course was perfect!

New TV Aerial Chelmsford

We needed to mount the Sky satellite dish high as the garage roof would have shaded 40% of the dishes signal, which we don’t do.  Even now I laugh at some of the satellite dish installation I see, and wonder if the engineer was just lazy or did not understand signals too well, any-who I didn’t want to mount the mini dish too high up our mast as it would not be as stable as I like, so we decided to lash our customer’s chimney once again ( avoiding drilling unnecessary holes in our customer’s stack) this time on the very top course using an 8” chimney cradle and a very small 1” ½ alloy mast to attach the dish to.  We cleared the garaged roof and achieved a perfect satellite signal.  All we need to do now was surreptitiously run the twin satellite cable to our customer’s sitting room.  We used a drainpipe to discreetly reach the floor then a short distance along the brickwork to the sitting room, where we terminated our cable and fitted the baby f’ plugs.  As always our customer was delighted with our efforts and immensely happy with their picture quality.  I took some pictures for this blog as I wonder why not all engineers work is as outstanding as ours?

New Tv Aerial Chelmsford Img_1887New Tv Aerial Chelmsford Photo