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Aerial Billericay New Digital Aerial  Aerial Billericay

company.  Andy’s Aerial’s, services Chelmsford, Brentwood and Billericay daily.  We offer free quotations for aerial, and satellite installations or repairs, we can install Wi-Fi, transport HD (Sky & Sky Q) to other rooms of your house or business.  With 28 years of experience we are seasoned professionals.  Why might you need a new installation?

On average installations last 20 years or near there, as your aerial is outside, it is open to the elements; sunshine UV A’s B’s & C’s, Frost and of course rain.  Since the digital switch over back in 2012 many Anglia installations, pointing at Sudbury Suffolk need to be changed from a B-Group to a wideband to receive all the digital channels.

London however will probably work perfectly due to the power of the Crystal Palace transmitter and most of the digital mux’s remaining in the A-Group.  There is a Mux at ch55 but that will soon move down with the fast growing 5g network 0700 MHz  0800mhz (4g network has already been cleared. CH60 to CH68.  A lot of our repair work is due to 4g and 5g interference, we have full diagnostic equipment to diagnose these issues and carry the appropriate parts to fix the issue.

Aerial Billericay  Aerial Billericay

So above is the reason why you may need a new installation, if you are reading this you may just be fed-up with picture break-up and pixelating making you viewing impossible.  Choosing Andy’s Aerials, you will have chosen a local company with 27year of experience in the industry, who know signal issues in your area, and can advise you on solutions to overcome them.

We are passionate about our work and do everything possible to keep our installations neat, tidy and discreet, respecting the appearance of your property.  We try very hard to hide any cable runs out of sight, we can usually transport any new replacement cables behind drain pipes using the same colour cable ties, brown, white & black keeping you property cable free to the eye.

We will arrive in a sign written van and wear company uniforms, easily identifying we are from Andy’s Aerials, as we have been working for such a long time in and around Essex our vans are already known to most of our new customers. We offer a 5year warranty with our aerials and 12 months on all electronics by manufactures, honoured by Andy’s Aerials.

We are insured for £5,000,000 public liability insurance and are affiliated with the industries organizations, and buy with confidence scheme run by Essex Trading Standards.

Aerial Billericay  Aerial Billericay  

Please be aware we are happy to provide free quotation, but please do not confuse a free quotation with using tools and equipment to investigate faults, which is work.  We are happy to negotiate a fixed price for said work.

You can call us for free on out free phone number: 0800 77 97 047

Local rate from a mobile number:  0 333 900 333 2

Or mobile to mobile:  07 916 305 977 please be aware our phones do not receive text messages.

If we can be of further help please giving us a call, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We also provide free quotes for moving existing points and providing new ones.  We will always discus the route and method with you, so you will be clear on how the work will be carried out and look.

As a rule 90% of aerials need to be fitted externally, but in some strong signal areas loft aerials can be a choice.  We can provide an installation in your loft if the signal is strong enough.


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