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Andy’s Aerials Essex Wi-Fi access points

With more and more people now working from home, why suffer a poor internet connection?

We are pleased to say throughout the covid restrictions we have helped many home workers with their internet connections, transforming their working day, with a stable connection.

We offer a hard wired solution, reliable WiFi access points and point to point wireless.  Where we are able to provide fantastic Wi-Fi signal at a considerable distance.  Converted summer houses and purpose built offices at the bottom of your garden, can receive perfect internet connections, making Team meetings Skype etc. work, without fear of losing your important connection.

Wi-Fi access points improving your Wi-Fi requirements

With today’s gadgets , smart TV’s , mobile phones , tablets , I pad’s and laptops we all have an increased need for a better and more stable Wi-Fi signal to connect our favorite devices to.  Andy’s Aerials have been installing additional Wi-Fi access points for some time, the technology is getting better by the day now, and we have some fantastic products which we believe to be proven and tested to solve your Wi-Fi access points needs.

We are happy to come to your home or business and provide solutions for your internet connection and Wi-Fi access points requirements.

Here is a list of some of the products and solutions we can install:

Create a friendlier network with passcodes your know and can easily remember, making sharing your Wi-Fi with your family members and visiting friends much easier.

If you have built yourself an outddor space and need to install your Sky Q mini boxs there no problem, we can provide a point to point wireless access point with the receiving end a hard wired connection from the point to point.  Many of our customers enjoy their Sky subscription outside, in their bar, hot-tub or summer house.  Making the most of the summer evenings and nights outside.

Point to point wireless Wi-Fi access points can be used for you cctv system, putting cameras where there is no connection, at the bottom of your garden for exsample; having a camera looking from the bottom of the garden up to your house is a good idea.  With a quality ir camera you will always be able to see clearly your garden and the back of your property.  Interesting enough the top camera manufactures can supply a 4way powered splitter so 4 cctv cameras can be easily fitted and powered and then transported back to the NVR with our point to point Wi-Fi access points.  Technology is now getting so clever and the applications just seem to be endless, whatever our needs there seems to be either an app or wired and wireless solution.

There are limitation and issues which can affect the products which we recommend to install, which is why we need to come along to your home or business to see what is needed and how it can be installed neatly and discreetly as possible.

Outdoor Wi-Fi acess points are now essential for a lot of our customers, allowing Wi-Fi calling on certain mobiles, (EE) not missing calls while you are out in their garden, making working from home more enjoyable in the warm summer months.

This is just a short introduction for some of the services and solutions we can bring to you; if you require further information please call us, we are alwasy happy to book a free visit for advise and provide a solution to your internet needs.

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Here is a link which  you might like to read:   https://www.ofcom.org.uk/phones-telecoms-and-internet/advice-for-consumers/advice/broadband-speeds




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