Non-standard Satellite installations

Non-standard Satellite installations

Have Sky have turned up at your home and told you they are unable to install a satellite dish for you?  And Informed you will need a Non-standard Satellite installation?  This will be a consequence of the stringent health and safety policies which Sky satellite engineers have to abide by.

Non-standard Satellite Installations

Andy’s Aerials can often provide an installation where many others have failed. Please call us and for a free site survey at your home or Buisness.  We are seasoned experts in standard and non-standard satellite installations. Why not join 100’s of our satisfied  customers, who are now able to enjoy Sky and free-sat satellite, because they called us.  If other  sky installer companies had failed for whatever reason, please call us so we can have a look and see if we can get you up and running.

Non-standard Sky & Free=Sat Installations

We are able to offer non-standard satellite installations which Sky installers themselves are unable to install.  Andys Aerials carry a large selection of installation tools and devices on our vans including larger ladders for special heights installations.

We enjoy all aspects of our work and we aim to give you the customer the best installation possible.   Each and every installation presents different problems and challenges, which we thrive on overcoming.  We try and offer an affordable solution to all our customers, so you can receive an excellent satellite signal strength and signal quality.

Satellite dish installation

There are many issues which create a challanging installation:  Trees; because trees grow so tall, a standard installation will not be high enough.  Builings:  In the way; and fitting asatellite dish fix to them, can by tricky but we overcome these problems.  Height:  Sky engineers are restricted, by their in-house health & saftey polices.  Companies have height restrictions because of their public liability insurance policy restrictions, not covering the height they need to go.

At Andys Aerials we are happy to install your satellite dish where the signal is best for you.  Not where it is easiest for us.  Andy’s Aerials want the best possible signak for you so you have the best picture quality,

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Non-Standard Satellite Installations

Non-standard Satellite installations