TV Wall mounting

TV wall Mounting

We are extremely conscientious regarding all aspects of our work and always try to ensure that any job we undertake for our customers is always to the highest standard. TV wall mounting is one such job we undertake. Unlike, the old days when your new TV was simply set in the corner of a room on a TV stand, nowadays more and more people are choosing to have their TV’s mounted on their walls, often taking pride of place on the centre of a living room wall. It is quite common now for the TV to be the focal point of a room. Many people even devote entire rooms for the sole purpose of “home cinema” entertainment. As TV’s get larger and larger, the task of Wall Mounting your TV becomes ever more specialised, not only with regard to the practicalities of the job but also to the aesthetic end result. It is vitally important to have your TV wall mounted exactly level, none more so than with the widest of TVs because, the slightest misalignment can result in your TV being several centimetres higher one side on the wall than the other. Cabling can also be an issue, where the array of cables going from your TV to your various devices can look extremely untidy. Another consideration is the condition and material of the walls on which the TV is being mounted, whether it be brick or plasterboard. It is vital that the correct fixings are used to ensure a safe and secure mounting.
Together with our attention to detail Andy’s Aerials have the experience to wall mount your TV securely, safely and with an end result that is pleasing to the eye, with everything in total alignment and with cabling kept as neatly and unobtrusively as possible.
Andy’s Aerials will wall mount your new TV set it up, and on completion will give you a demonstration to ensure that you are totally familiar with your new TV and its functions before leaving you with the peace of mind to enjoy all the benefits and features of your new TV set up.
Flat Screen TV wall Mounting
We are able to install and mount your TV and run aerial cable to your desired location. Any cabling will be laid as unobtrusively and as neatly as possible.
We are always happy to visit your property and provide a free quotation and advice at a convenient time that suits you, the customer.
If you require any further advice on TV wall mounting please call Andy on Freephone 0800 77 97 047 or our mobile 07916 305 977

Tv Wall Mounting

Tv Wall Mounting Www.andysaerials.comWe particularly like Panasonic TV’s as when installing our digital signals from our aerial installations they always give us 10 out of 10!

Tv Wall Mounting Www.andysaerials.comTv Wall Mounting



Tv Wall Mounting