Discreet Installations

Discreet Installations


Here at Andys Aerials pride ourselves on all aspects of our workmanship.  Our team believe that quality of work is a more important consideration than the speed at which we complete a job. We are not prepared to compromise on quality for the sake of rushing a job.  We always devote considerable time and effort and we will sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to run cables so they are not visible.

Discreet Installations

Although this is not always possible, we will always endeavour to achieve the best aesthetic result. If we have no alternative but to run a cable so that it is visible; we always ensure that it runs in a straight line.  That it is clipped at every fifth brick course, which keeps the tacks at equal distance.  Also we even dot the nail heads, with a marker pen so that they blend in more with their surroundings.  Finally we always choose the best cable colour to that of the background colour on which the cable is being run.

Some might suggest that this is slightly obsessive compulsive, but the pride that we take in our work.  Always devoted to even the smallest details. We are acutely aware of the detrimental effect of badly laid cable to the external aesthetics of a property.  Knowing we need to pay that extra attention to those small details.

We also ensure that our aerials straight and are taped, with the spacing kept at regular and equal intervals.  Whilst going down the whole length of the pole ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. We are also careful that our Aerials are always sat straight and vertical. The aesthetic appearance of our work is always of paramount importance to us.

Neat discreet installs

We always try to locate our satellite dishes on to the chimney stack.  Not only for the better quality of signal but also in order that the dish is as inconspicuous as possible. There is nothing worse than looking at a house where the satellite dish is the main focal point of the building.

All of our T&K wall brackets are carefully fitted six brick courses down from a gable end, which ensures that there are sufficient bricks on top of the first bracket to support it.  The second bracket beneath is then fitted utilising a spirit level. We believe such attention to detail is rewarded by the end appearance of our installations which are always as inconspicuous.  level, square, symmetrical and tidy as possible.

Shouldn’t all installations be this way? There’s nothing wrong with being a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to aerial and satellite installations.