Freeview aerial & Youview Installation

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Freeview aerial & Youview Installation


Freeview aerial & Youview Installation


Freeview aerial & Youview Installation







We can install, set up and demonstrate your new FreeView TV, set-top box, or recorder.

If your TV aerial is in need of upgrading or repair in order to receive all the FreeView channels  This is not a problem as our vans are well stocked with everything you will need. We will quickly get your freeview up and running.  All of our freeview installations are carried out to our very own high standards of workmanship.

Freeview is the easiest way to enjoy digital TV. With up to 85 digital channels to choose from.  There is something for everyone, not to mention 30 digital radio stations. Additionally you have access to a host of interactive features via the red button on your remote for your FreeView TV or set-top box.

Andy’s Aerials can install you a digital aerial system at a sensible and affordable price.

We also offer discounted rates to senior citizens for the supply and installation of a Freeview set-top box.

If you do not have an integrated TV you will need a set-top box to continue using your TV.  Because the analogue signal has now been switched off,  a set-top box is a cheaper alternative to replacing your TV.  With a set-top box you may be converting a digital signal into analouge signal to view on your dated TV.

Freeview Aerial &Amp; Youview Installation

Freeview aerial & Youview Installation

Please call us for further information, we are happy attend your property to provide a free quotation.

 Andys Aerials can set-up all your new equipment, TV, You-View, DVD play andX-box .  We carry various length sizes of HDMI leads from 1m to 20m and anywhere inbetween.  We can also transport the HD pictures of your favorite devices to other rooms or your choosing.