Transmitter Faults

Transmitter Faults

please use the links on this page to get up to date information on transmitter faults, disruption and reported outage.   Hopefully this page will be useful to you, and the below links shoul provide you with the information you are looking for.

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Crystal Palace Londo and Sudbury Anglia transmitter faults & updates.

Transmitter interruption information

Help receiving TV and Radio

London viewing listed faults

Anglia viewing listed faults

We thought it would be a helpful for our customers to be able to use our website to check the latest listed transmitter faults reported.  If you feel any other links would be of use to our customers please mail us.

Here is a fantastic link:  DOWNDETECTOR

Last summer the extremely high air pressure caused many villages, towns and citys to loose their TV channels.  I was given this web-site from my supplier and found the heat map extremly useful, and wanted put the links on my website for our customer’s.  So please use the links.

If you are experinceing pixelating, picture break-up with no listed transmitter faults you may well need a Visit.  We use the latest digital analyzers, to quickly identify any issuse with your digital TV aerial.

Because satellite signals are not transmitted from terestral transmitters, these links are not relevent to you.   So if your satellite signal has issues, Sky or Free-Sat please call us for an appointment.

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