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Posted by in Blog | February 15, 2022

Satellite Satellite Installation

If you have landed her chances are your satellite ??????   You are in need of a satellite installation or repair, for Free-Sat, Sky HD or Sky Q.  In many cases we install satellite dishes where Sky themselves are unable to; due to health and safety issues, such as heights, drilling or entering customer’s lofts.

As we are seasoned aerial engineers we are used to climbing on roofs, lashing chimneys to provide an incredible super strong support for TV aerials & satellite dished.  Installing your dish on the chimney gives the obvious advantage of non-obstructive line of sight for a better quality signal.  In most cases being higher than surrounding buildings trees etc.

Some of the lower satellite dish installations can be obstructed by buildings, neighbor’s houses etc. which can reduce the amount of signal the dish can capture, providing a weaker signal, making pixilation possible, which we all hate and will not suffer. And if you are paying a viewing subscription even more annoying!

Satellite dish installationsSatellite Installation

If you require us to install your satellite dish to your chimney stack, we will use a galvanized heavy duty chimney cradle, either a 13 inch or 8inch dependent on how many free brick courses your chimney has free.  5 brick courses for the 13inch and 4 courses for the 8inch.  Both require a lashing, kit and a cut down 1inch and a half diameter mast to fix the dish to.

If you require Free-Sat or Sky HD will supply & fit a universal quod LNB or if you have Sky Q you will need a wideband LNB.  Either choice will need a twin cable run from the dish to your receiver.

Satellite repairs Satellite Installation

If your equipment is not working it can only be one of 3 things:

1) Your Dish

  • Dish is out of alignment
  • Dish is damaged / dented
  • LNB has died / expired

2) Cable

  • End connectors not connecting
  • Cable letting in water
  • Cut cable or cable expired

3) Receiver

Disconnected from mains supply or simply expired

SatelliteSatellite Installation


To maximize your viewing experience you will need broadband.  Internet will power your apps on both Free-Sat & Sky, both have catch-up and with Sky it is essential for purchasing films and downloads of your favorite series and all internet interactive services.

Useful links for deciding if Free-Sat suits you more than Free-View

Please click here for list of Free-Sat channels / TV Guide

Please click here for list of Free-View channels / TV Guide

There are areas where Free-View transmitter signals are poor to non esistant and Free-Sat is the only choice.  Likewise there are areas where obtaining a satellite signal is impossible and Free-View is the choice.

Andy’s Aerials can repair your poor or broken satellite signal or install a new satellite dish, and have you up and running.

All our work is guaranteed and we have £5,000,000 public liability insurance, I have been installing satellite dishes for 27years now and you could say I’m a seasoned installer.  We are in Chelmsford, Brentwood & Billericay daily so you never have to wait for more than a couple of days for us to provide you with a free quotation and friendly advice.

We offer:  Site surveys, new installations, and cable and dish repairs Wi-Fi connection, hard wired Ethernet connections and of course extra points and remote viewing of your equipment in either analogue or HD, controllable from you existing remote.

I hope the above blog has helped explain how we can help with the installation of your Free-Sat and Sky installations and repairs to continue your viewing.  If we can answer any specific questions or you would like us to visit you please call us on any of our telephone number found on our contact page.  Thank you for reading our blog we hope you have found the information useful and easy to read.



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