New Aerial Installation Writtle

Posted by in Blog | December 4, 2013

New Aerial Installation Hatfield Broad Oak

New Aerial Installation Writtle

Saturday morning and were off to Hatfield Broad oak for a new aerial installation, when we arrived we were met by our customer who wanted an aerial fitting to their cottage, but keeping discreet to keeping their beautiful cottage looking natural and without aerial cables etc. on display.  Our first challenge was the thatched roof, over the past 19years of me installing aerials to various properties I knew I could extend my triple ladders up to the chimney stack and get to it without treading on the thatched roof, which our customer was very happy about.  We took some test reading with our test aerial connected to our spectrum analyser, and we were happy to use a log-periodic w/b aerial.  We at that time believed the aerial was only feeding one point so having taken signal reading I decided to fit a 10db masthead pre-amp to ensure our customers received a perfect signal.

New Aerial Installation Writtle

We fitted the log-periodic aerial onto an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast and completely covered it in black tape taking away the shine of the aluminium and keeping the aerial installation discreet and unnoticed by the eye.  We lashed the chimney stack using a large, heavy duty 5 brick course chimney cradle and deliberately chose the back corner of the chimney stack, making it less noticeable from the front of the cottage.  We took up the aerial and lowered it into the chimney cradle and aligned it using our spectrum analyser, I was delighted with the signal strength and signal quality I had achieved for our customers.  All we had to do now was hide the aerials cable coming down the roof to our customer’s cable which was on their facia board awaiting connection.

New Aerial Installation Writtle

We managed to run our aerial cable underneath the thatch at the end where the thatch met roof tiles and using cable ties to secure the cable into place we managed to get our aerial cable to our customers without being seen.  Once we connected our cable to our customers we sealed the join using self-amalgamating tape and went to test our point.  We quickly discovered there was no signal, I removed the faceplate and checked the aerial cable, and still no signal.  Our customer soon discovered they had 5 aerial points and the distribution boar was in a cupboard on the ground floor, all awaiting ends and connecting to a distribution amplifier.  We fitted one of our 6way distribution amps and tested the points and although the signal strength was high it was just inside the upper limits of being too strong.  We re-tuned our customer’s TV and packed away our kit, our next call Chelmsford.

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  1. Tony Barnes on said:

    What can I say. I call tradesmen to my home very infrequently and always with some trepidation. From the moment I met Andy it was like greeting an old friend. A more friendly and professional bloke you will not meet. An on the spot diagnosis, a genuinely cheap quote and it was down to business. Done with no fuss, no mess and only one cup of tea. Great. Seriously go nowhere else for an aerial specialist. Andy’s your man.

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