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Professional Satellite installation & Repair Sandringham Norfolk

Posted by in Blog | March 13, 2023
Satellite Installation &Amp; Repair Sandringham Norfolk

Satellite installation & Repair Sandringham Norfolk

Are you looking for a new satellite installation, repair or upgrade in Sandringham Norfolk?

Andy’s Aerials have been installing, repairing and upgrading satellites for over 25yrs and have the necessary skills to ensure your satellite signal has every achievable decibel in your location possible. Tall trees and high buildings can prevent a signal being received.  We pride ourselves on neat and discreet installation, treating you property as we would ours, if possible keeping your new or replacement dish out of site, but situated with a good line of sight for a perfect signal, using a standard 54cm zone1 dish we are able to achieve a good signal and hide the dish on your property as much as possible.

Satellite installation & Repair Sandringham Norfol

A zone 1 satellite dish is needed if you want to receive: Sky Q, Sky HD & Free-Sat.  Free-Sat is a good alternative to Free-View providing over 170 channels, here are 2 links for channels on Free-Sat & Free-View.

What are the parts for a satellite installation?  If you want or need you dish to be chimney mounted, we will attach to your chimney a galvanized chimney cradle using a lashing kit to secure it, (no drilling).  We can then attach your new dish the chimney cradle.  The dish has an L.N.B at the end of the arm where the twin satellite cable connects via F’ connectors, next we run your new cable to the room where your receiver is situated.  Where possible we always use and drainpipes to hide and transport your new cable to the ground, keeping you property looking cable free.  If your property has surrounding tall trees, a chimney installation may be your only option.

If your new dish is to be wall mounted we try to mount your dish high to achieve a good quality signal and a clear line of sight, we may use a standard wall bracket which comes with the dish from the manufacturer, or a galvanized wall bracket of a chosen size to allow your new dish to rotate further on your south facing wall. Again if possible we will aim for a drainpipe to transport your cable to the ground if your equipment is on the ground floor.

All our satellite installations come with a 1yr guarantee , on average the LNB has an average life expectancy of around 7year although I have come across a few which have worked for 20years and has completely astonished me.  Please feel free to call us for a free quotation and advice.  We do not install foreign satellites, hot-bird etc., just Free-Sat Sky Q & Sky HD.  We are happy to attend your property and provide a quote.

Aerial & Satellite Installation Dersingham

Posted by in Blog | March 13, 2023
Aerial &Amp; Satellite Installation Dersingham


Aerial & Satellite Installation Dersingham

Are you in need of an aerial and or satellite installation in Dersingham?  Andy. Aerials have been installing & repairing aerial & satellites for over 25yrs.  TV aerials & satellite dishes like us have a life expectancy, with the heat of the summers and the cold and wet with the winter months effect your outdoor parts , until it eventually fails.  Satellites have 4 key components:  satellite dish, L.N.B, satellite receiver (Sky box & Free-Sat box & recorders) and at any given time one of these parts can fail We ensure your installation is as discreet as possible and receives a good quality signal to ensure your TV viewing is perfect with either Sky or Free-sat or Free-View.

 Aerial & Satellite Installation Dersingham

Our  installations come with a 2yr guarantee ( 1year for satellites 1yr with eletronics) as we use heavy duty parts as standard, high quality cable and we always recommend 4g & 5g filters to remove 0800 MHz & 0700 MHz interference.  We carry a selection of amplifiers and masthead amplifiers to correct your signal strength if required.  We do our best to ensure your new installation is as neat and discreet as possible, as we take pride in all of our installations.

Andy’s Aerials provide free quotations for repairs or new installations,but we make a small charge for diagnosing your faults if we use our tools or equipment if required.  We are happy to visit your property and discuss with you, your options and give a price and installation method for your chosen repair or installation.  We have the expertise and experience of installing in poor signal areas, so if your property is situated in a particularly poor signal area this would not present a problem to us as it is something we specialise in.


Link to Free-View Outage UK Link

Sky Status Service Link


WiFi installation North Norfolk

Posted by in Blog | March 11, 2023
Wifi North Norfolk

WiFi installation North Norfolk

We are pleased to say we are now providing a new WiFi installation in North Norfolk. Ensuring your property has a strong, secure and easy WiFi connection.

Do you need to provide free WiFi for your holiday rental?  It is an absolute must for your guests to be able to use their devices, check the weather, tide time tables and to see local places of interest, local restaurants and shops.

Now many people now working from home a strong WiFi signal is essential.  Many people are setting up a home office and working from home remotely, saving on parking, traveling and time.  Because it is important to separate your working life from your home life, this is where your WiFi signal may not cover your chosen office room location.  This is where we can help; we can install a strong Wi-Fi signal to your chosen work location and ensure a strong WiFi signal, so your connection is hassle free with our installation.

If you have chosen a garden office, no problem, we install point to point wifi giving you a hard wired connection and incredibly strong, dependable Wi-Fi signal too, so you have the best of both worlds, wired and wireless.  Ask us for a point to point installation.

WiFi installation North Norfolk

Here is a list of some of the products and solutions we can install:

  • Wired Ethernet cables direct to your devices; smart-TV, Sky box.
  • You-View box, Humax Free-Sat &Wi-Fi access point.
  • Internal Wi-Fi points.
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi point.
  • Point to point wireless.

Create a friendlier network with passcodes you know and can easily remember, making sharing your WiFi with friends and family so much easier.

There are limitation and issues which can affect the products which we recommend to install, which is why we need to come along to your home or business to see what is needed and how it can be installed neatly and discreetly as possible.

WiFi installation North Norfolk

Outdoor Wi-Fi points are now essential for a lot of our customers, allowing Wi-Fi calling on certain mobiles, (EE) not missing calls while out in their gardens, making working from home more enjoyable in the summer months.

With today’s gadgets, smart TV’s, mobile phones, tablets, I pad’s and laptops we all have an increased need for a better and more stable Wi-Fi signal to connect our favorite devices.  Andy’s Aerials have been installing additional Wi-Fi points for some time, and the technology is getting better by the day, and we have some fantastic products which we believe to be proven and tested to solve your Wi-Fi needs.   We are happy to come to your home or business and provide solutions for your connection and Wi-Fi needs.

Do you own a holiday rental property which needs reliable Wi-Fi signal?  We can ensure your rental property has full coverage, including the garden so your guests can continue using their devices without issues.  And now with a secure strong Wi-Fi signal we can install WiFi electronic door locks, which convert your chosen doors for easy entry for your guests, easily providing them with a timed and dated code for the given time of their stay.  Sound good?   Ask Andy.

Don’t forget we also can also provide a perfect Free-Sat & Free-view reception to your property too.

Wifi Installation North Norfolk

Why suffer poor WiFi in North Norfolk


This is just a short introduction for some of the services and solutions we can bring to you; if you require further information please call us.


Picture to left:  A powerful Wi-Fi access point flooding a 4 bedroom detached house with strong and secure coverage, discreetly installed in loft, completely invisible providing all rooms and patio with a fantastic Wi-Fi reception.