Wi-Fi Installation Essex the invisable magic 4 your devices

Posted by in Blog | April 11, 2021
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Wi-Fi Installation

Working from home and struggling with a poor internet connection?  We can improve your connectivity and have you up and running with either a hard wired connection or great Wi-Fi signal. We install hard wired connections, strong Wi-Fi connections & point to point wireless when your connection needs are at a distance.  Beamed wirelessly to your garden office, man cave or wherever you need your internet connection to be.  With more and more workers now working from home your Wi-Fi, is now extremely important.  Zoom video meetings and Microsoft Teams video conferencing calls need to start with a good strong connection and continue without Wi-Fi break-up until you end your meeting or call.

Strong Wi-Fi Installation

We offer solutions for your home or work, using tried and tested products which we have faith in; and are proving winners years on.  I myself have an outside acces point in my garden which has been working perfectly now for over 3 years.  Suffering the blistering hot summers, the down pours of rain and the frost and ice of the low temperatures of our long drawn out winters.

Knowing how important phone calls are I have ensured every part of my garden is covered with a good strong wireless signal. Why would I want to be indoors in the warmer months?  My EE mobile phone has Wi-Fi calling so I do not need mobile 4g signal ( which I do not have at home) as the second I drive in my phone latches on to my strong Wi-Fi network and switches to Wi-Fi calling.  Which by the way is much clearer and without restrictions of movement?

If you have a log-cabin office which is a way from the house, we can ensure you have the stable internet connection you need.  Being able to lock your office and walk down to your house is an excellent way of separating your home from work, close the door and walk away.


 Secure Wi-Fi Installation

We have help proved solutions for our customers for some time now, and have seen some poor connectivity issues which we have overcome and fitted much better technology discreetly, leaving our customers wondering why they did not speak to us years ago.  We are happy to visit your home or workplace to provide a free quotation for your connectivity needs.  We need to visit, as obviously we cannot provide an average price for an install as each and every property has its own requirements and installation issues.  We like to explain what we can do and discuss with you an acceptable installation method to you.

Wi-Fi Installation Essex

We also provide hard wired connections from your router or switch to rooms or outbuildings of your choice. We use internal and external cable so we can transport your internet connection to where you need it.  Some of our customers are now converting their garage to an office, and need both Wi-Fi connections as well as hard wired connections which we are able to provide for you.  We make the Wi-Fi key easy to remember for you, which is super secure and easily given to your family members and visiting friend.  Everyone these days needs Wi-Fi!

I hope the description and information has provided you with a good idea of what we can do, provide and help you with.  Whether you are frustrated with your home network, or your workplace, we can help.  If you are reading this, chances are you are fed-up with your Wi-Fi dropping out and want to get it reliable and stable.  You can call our free-phone number: 0800 77 97 047 my mobile: 07 916 305 977  Thank You for reading Andy

Wifi Installation Essex

Wi-Fi Installation Essex the invisable magic 4 your devices

Wifi Installation Essex

Wi-Fi Installation Essex the invisable magic 4 your devices


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