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TV Aerial

Tv Aerial

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What a fantastic day, our 2nd call was a new build in Billericay Essex and the house was in need of a new aerial.  The chimney stack was rather awkward to get to but once we had our ladders over the fence into next doors path, it was easy to get the roof climbing ladder onto the roof so I could get to the chimney stack.  The problem being now the house’s chimney stack was at the rear of the house and wasn’t too high, the apex of an adjoining roof was in the signal line and I did not want to go too high with an aerial to go over the roof line.  I decided my best choice of TV aerial would be an Antiference XG10 w/b and if I ran in to any signal issues I could change the TV aerial to an Antiference XG10 A group.  As it happens the signal was good, a little weak but all six digital mux’s equal and a good strength to amp a little just to ensure the signal arrives at the distribution amp at a good strength before being distributed.  As there was no ideal side of the chimney stack to site the new TV aerial I decided to place the aerial where it could be least seen and keeping bird poo over the roof.

TV Aerial

As I had used an Antiference XG10 TV aerial I had to use a heavy duty chimney cradle, the stack was rather large to reach around so I hopped on top of it to get the lashing wire/chimney corners in position.  With the stack now lashed and ready to receive its new TV aerial I dropped the XG10 into the U-bolts of the cradle and done them up finger tight, attaching my spectrum analyser I beamed in the aerial and tightened the U-bolts happy with the signal.  Knowing the signal strengths I had already had a suitable masthead in my tool belt, so all I had to do now was shorten the TV aerial coax cable 2/3 of the way down the aerial mast and connect the new aerials coax cable, which I needed to run to the distribution amp.  Luckily right by the chimney stack was a drainpipe leading to the floor, perfect for hiding my aerial cable.  The house’s distribution amp was situated in the cupboard underneath the stairs, so I only had 30ft ish to run the cable once I had it on the ground.  The side of the house was gravel so I completely hid the aerial cable; I neatly drilled a hole from inside the cupboard and brought the aerial cable in.  I fitted the remote power supply unit and made a fly-lead from the PSU to the distribution amp and tested the TV points which were perfect.  I wrote my bill and headed off to my next call.

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