Satellite dish move Billericay Essex

Posted by in Blog | May 11, 2013

Satellite Dish Move Billericay Essex

Satellite dish move Billericay Essex

Saturday 1st call and its re-site a satellite dish as a neighbour’s new building extension has blocked the line of sight of the satellite dish. We arrived at 9:30 just in time to catch the rain, after putting on our waterproofs we asked if we could use the scaffolding around the neighbour’s house, as the neighbour was out it was fine.  With the scaffolding side rails I was able to stand them and able to reach the chimney stack to fit a chimney cradle and lash it comfortably. Wanting to keep the installation neat I cut a small piece of 1” ½ alloy mast the same size as the chimney cradle for the satellite dish to secure to.  The dish arm was facing the correct side so I did not have to un-bolt it and rotate it 180degrees, which was a bonus.  After lashing the stack and fitting the chimney cradle I put the pole mounting brackets on the satellite dish, so I could just drop it on to the 1” ½ alloy mast.  The beauty of mounting the satellite dish arm to mast between the bracket is, the bottom of chimney bracket supports the satellite dish giving good strong lasting support.

Satellite dish move Billericay Essex

If you have looked at the picture you will see I love cabling, and connecting and running 5 cables together I was in my element!  The satellite cables ran along the lashing wire to the rear of the chimney, and then down the lead flashing down to the guttering.  All we need to do now was cut the new cables to length and join to the old, which we had re-routed under the guttering towards the chimney stack.  We used f connectors and f joiner then smothered the cable and joiners with amalgamating tape, which is an extremely sticky latex tape, which sticks to itself as you wind it round creating a 100% waterproof join.

With the 5 cables joined and waterproofed all we needed to do was have a look at our customer’s pictures, which of course were perfect!  Next call new aerial Ingatestone.

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