Satellite dish Brentwood

Posted by in Blog | August 31, 2019

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Satellite dish Brentwood

We were call for a satellite dish Brentwood, and our customer informed us a fox was jumping on his fence, and then jumping onto the garage roof, and ten climbing on his house to go and chew through his satellite cables.  I put the phone down after taking the booking for satellite dish Brentwood, and thought maybe a squirrel or mice but a fox?  When we arrived to our customer, he explained the problem with the climbing fox, and wanted us to install his dish on the chimney stack, where the fox could not get at it (unless he brought ladders), we were happy to install his dish on the chimney stack, which would give a good line of sight, no trees etc.

Satellite dish Brentwood

I lashed his chimney stack and used a large galvanized chimney cradle, cut a heavy duty mast down, and aligned the satellite dish.  We ran a new twin satellite cable to his lounge, tested our signal and re-booted his Sky HD box, picture perfect, with a strong signal and fantastic signal quality.

We cleared up, walked around checking we left no rubbish behind, wrote a bill and presented it to our customer, we chatted about the fox, I did not, not believe him but have never heard of a fox climbing on roofs, I wondered if there was a red squirrel around, again doubtful?

Our customer stated he had some pictures of Mr. Fox and he would dig one out and mail it to me, which he did, and I must say I was very surprised to see a fox on top of his house.

This fox has great climbing skills, and seems to be fascinated by the satellite dish.  Maybe he is magnetically sensitive, and receiving Sky One in his head.  Who knows?  He does seem to look happy staring at the dish.  My customer had no problem with that, but got fed-up with, having to replace the cables when Mr Fox ate them.  There would be 12 to 18 volts going through the satellite cables if the Sky box was on, maybe the fox liked a mild electric shock?

Satellite dish Brentwood

Any-who…  It tickled me so I thought I would post it on my blog, and see if anyone else has pictures of foxes; staring happily at satellite dishes?  Please mail them to me with permission for me to add them to my website blog

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