New Digital Aerial Chelmsford

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New Digital Aerial Chelmsford

I thought I would write a few paragraphs for a new digital aerial Chelmsford giving some free info and pointers for those seeking a new digital aerial.

The cost of the new digital aerial installation can vary considerably, dependent on the parts required, by the property.  Signal strength, and quality, in the property’s location is also another factor.  Choosing a new digital aerial should be made by an experienced aerial engineer who knows the area well.  A lot of aerial companies like to advertise locally (Chelmsford) but are based in other counties and do NOT know the area or the black spots.  So ensure the company of your choice is loacal.

New Digital Aerial Chelmsford

Chimney brackets and wall brackets should be galvanized to ensure a long life, which Andy’s Aerials always use.  Other companies cut costs by using non galvanized cradles & brackets (some even Painted)!  Either make more profit, or sadly do a cheaper job and quote cheaper.  Most properties now suffer with 4g overpowering signals which need to be blocked.  In the not too distant future we all will need to attenuate or block the new 5g signal which is going to affect our TV viewing again, because 5g will be transmitted at 700mhz.

New Digital Aerial Chelmsford

Amplification:  Because a lot of properties in Chelmsford will need an amp to lift the digital signal to the required level.  To be able to receive the perfect functioning picture we require is mathmatics, the amp adds to the figurs.  Not all properties need amplification, which is another cost factor, if an amp is required.  Time is another, some properties are easy to install a new digital aerial to, and run new cables.  And others are challenging and time consuming, with greater risks, which again will add to the cost of the new digital aerial installation.


A new digital aerial installation should last years if installed by a diligent aerial engineer, who takes a pride in their work, and is not happy cutting corners.  We believe quality parts should be used as cheap parts doe not last.

There is a huge range of aerials, amps, and cable to choose from.  An experienced engineer will know which amp is best suited, to the property for the signal strength and quality.  Measuring the incoming signal strength is essential.  Thye will also be able to deal with the incoming and unwanted 4G signal which can be seen on their meter.

New Digital Aerial Chelmsford

New cable runs should be run discreetly, as no one wants to see an aerial cable, Andy’s Aerials always try to run our cables as discreetly as possible, in some cases completely invisible.

Pointer for choosing an engineer:

  • Local established company knowing the local area
  • Quality parts, galvanized brackets and generous gauge aluminum masts
  • Neat tidy, caring company with proven history
  • Spectrum analyzer, to see issues with signal (not hand held strength meter)
  • Written guarantee
  • An engineer, who you are happy to engage

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New Tv Aerial Chelmsford

New Digital Aerial Chelmsford



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