New aerial installation Ingatestone Essex

Posted by in Blog | January 26, 2013

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New aerial installation Ingatestone Essex

What a lovely day for a new aerial Ingatestone Essex  Sunshine, lollypops and gummy bears.  Saturday morning first call and the weather had changed from freezing to sunshine which is always welcomed in January.  My customer called me for a new aerial and a 2nd point to the bedroom at the rear of the house, they wanted Anglia if possible with the news and weather being more localised, unfortunately when I took some signal reading the Anglia signal was poor, probably due to the property being a bungalow and the distance from the Sudbury transmitter which is approximately 35miles away.

New aerial installation Ingatestone Essex

The signal from Crystal Palace London was much better and after checking with my customers I aligned the new aerial to London.  I lashed the chimney stack and fitted a large 5 brick course chimney cradle and made up a Blake DMX5 w/b aerial on an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast.  I ran the aerial cable into the loft and set about installing the first point to the front room.

New aerial installation Ingatestone Essex

The cable from the old aerial was good cable but put in the wrong place so I re-cabled the front room putting it neatly behind the TV so it couldn’t be seen.  I give a 5 year guarantee with my work and parts (12 months on electronics by manufacturer) and I like to replace the cable and coax plugs so a new aerial installation Ingatestone Essex is a new aerial installation!

New aerial installation Ingatestone Essex

I fitted a 4 way 10db mast head in the loft to increase the signal to both points and fitted the remote 12v 100m/a Antiference power supply unit behind the TV in the sitting room, another reason to replace the cable as carrying 12 volts from the power unit the cable needs to be 100%.

I ran a 2nd cable at the rear of the property and neatly came through the outside wall into a wardrobe and up to the TV all in white aerial cable and inconspicuous as possible.  Luckily I had a TV wall mount on my van and I fitted the customer’s flat screen TV on the wall at the bottom of their bed, re-tuned both TV’s and made sure my customer’s understood the functions of their TV as it looked rather new.

New aerial installation Ingatestone Essex

After clearing up I broke down their old aerial along with the pole and cable and it all fitted neatly in the box which the Blake came in.  I had time to drink yet another cup of tea write my bill and set off for my next job in Roxwell Essex

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One comment on “New aerial installation Ingatestone Essex

  1. Peter Harris on said:

    Contacted andysaerials to install a new aerial and install tv to bedroom wall. On arriving a survey was done and we were given a quote and all was explained about the job to be done by Andy and his assistant we were happy with the quote so the job was started.
    The work was carried out in a very professional and tidy manner and we found the 2 of them polite and easy to talk to.
    Would highly recomend andysaerials.
    Thanks Andy for advice and a great job.

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