Digital Aerial Repair Chelmsford

Posted by in Blog | January 16, 2019

Digital Aerial Repair Chelmsford


Why do we need a digital aerial repair Chelmsford?  Or a digital aerial replacement?

We are often asked by customers why their digital aerial is in need of repair or replacement; we very often hear the sentence; “it was working perfectly yesterday”.  Digital outdoor aerials withstand the elements, in the summer & winter.   They are baked throught the summer, and in the winter they are frozen, and get wet when it rains.  When the temperatures rise in our fantastic summer months, the roofs of houses/buildings absorb the heat , and aerial or satellite cables also absorb the sun’s heat.  The sun’s uv A’s B’s & C’s gradually decay the aerial and satellite cables, causing them to split and crack, making the original waterproofing non-existent.

The cable deterioration is pretty much like EVERYTHING else in life, it has a life expectancy, best guess:  20 to 25years.  Once rain water has entered the cable it can only run down.  Aerials are generally mounted on the chimney stack on top of a house;(for best signal quality)  gravity ensures the water in the cable travels down.

The water can arrive at a filter, masthead pre-amp, distribution amplifier or straight to the TV direct.  Any scenario is not good with electrical supplied devices and water.


Digital Aerial Repair Chelmsford

Some digital aerials, have a plastic cap on the dipole of the aerial,  where the aerial coaxial cable joins to the digital aerial.  This cap is also baked in the sun, soaked in the rain and frozen in the cold winter months.  As you can now guess an aerial with a broken cap, mounted on the top of a building, can only capture water as and when it rains.  Again with gravity, the water makes it way down the cable to the bottom, causing customers to call for a digital aerial repair Chelmsford.

In days gone by, VCR’s (Videos) would receive the aerial coax cable before the TV and was much cheaper to replace than a TV.

I have been called out to replace an aerial where the customer had tied the aerial cable up in the air, slit the cable with a knife, and placed a cup under it to collect the water!

Today’s digital signal pixelates luckily, and customers call us to investigate the cause at an early stage.  A lot of other aerial companies will replace an aerial, and either they are too lazy to replace the cable, or have simply not charged for it in the aerial installation cost.   Cheap, you only get what you pay for.

So you can now have a brand new aerial connected to a 20year old cable!  It does not matter how good the new aerial is, if the signal cannot reach the TV, you will not receive pictures

If you are in need of a digital aerial repair Chelmsford or anywhere else in Essex please call us for free 0800 77 97 047


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