Aerial move in Maylandsea Essex CM3

Posted by in Blog | January 11, 2013

Aerial Move In Maylandsea Essex Cm3 Www.andysaerials.comAerial move in Maylandsea Essex CM3

Our aerial move in Mayland Essex CM3 was a joy if only all houses came with scaffolding and an all weather protector our job would be so much easier!  We fitted the log-periodic wb aerial back in early 2011 along with 5 points to various rooms, and now our customer is having a large extension to their  beautiful house and needed the aerial moving from the original gable end  to the new gable end.

Aerial move in Maylandsea Essex CM3

Simple job considering scaffolding up and easy access to both gable ends, the scaffolding even came with the  use of ladders!   No carrying heavy ladders for us, Which made access to the aerial easy and safe.

Once we had undone the large u bolts which hold the aerial pole to the brackets we slid the  aerial and pole out. We then removed the  T & K wall brackets and sealed the holes in the brickwork with silicon sealer.  We then relocate the T & K wall brackets to the new gable end, using new bolts and mungo’s.

we re-wired the aerial so there were no joins in the cable as the main aerial feed to the amp is the heart of any system.  Sometimes its easier to do things properly than it is to just cut, join and waterproof and it looks much nicer too!

Aerial move in Maylandsea Essex CM3

Connecting the aerial feed to the Antiference 8 way distribution amp situated in loft, was as easy too, as the roof was off and could be accessed without climbing down going to the van for loft ladders entering the house and climbing into the loft.  As the roof was being altered I re-routed 3 TV coax cables as asked so the cables did not present any problems to the roofers when they put the roof back on.

I then Check the TV points (best too while there!) drink our tea then off to our next job.

Aerial move in Maylandsea Essex CM3

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