Flat Screen TV mounting www.andysaerials.com

Posted by in Blog | September 22, 2013

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Flat Screen TV mounting www.andysaerials.com


One of our existing customer’s call and asked if we could hang their new flat screen TV, which of course we were happy to do.  We are always please to see our customer’s again and enjoy hearing how they are, and of course we already know their signal strengths and systems as we have already put them in.

Flat Screen TV mounting www.andysaerials.com

We were able to pull a new coax lead down from the loft using the cable which was in the wall and damaged.  We connected the cable directly to our customer’s Sky+ receiver situated in their sitting room, and once we had mounted the flat screen TV to their bedroom wall we fitted a discreet Sky-eye so they were able to watch both Free-View and their Sky-box, which is handy in a bedroom as you can easily watch what is on the Sky’s drive and catch-up with all the recordings you have missed.  We always recommend mounting the TV at eye height so you do not suffer with a stiff neck viewing your TV at height.  As always our customers were over the moon with our work and service.

Flat Screen TV mounting www.andysaerials.com   Quality Workmanship At Sensible Prices

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