New aerial Boreham Essex

Posted by in Blog | May 9, 2013
New Aerial Boreham Essex

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New aerial Boreham Essex

Thursday last call a new aerial Boreham Essex, my customer’s aerial was a Yagi A group fitted on a ¾ steel mast and had snapped in half.  Judging by the surrounding aerials the signal was in abundance as there were plenty of 10 elements around.  The roof was an absolute dream with nice grass front for my ladders, and a large porch roof to prevent my ladders being blown to the right.  With the wind as strong as it was I decided to play it safe and tie my ladders to the guttering just to be on the safe side?  The roof was perfect to walk up, nice strong, grippy tiles with a lovely pitch to walk up.

New aerial Boreham Essex

I took up a large heavy duty chimney cradle and large lashing kit and went and cut the old aerial down.  Leaving the old aerial hanging from the apex of the roof I lashed the chimney stack and faced the chimney cradle toward the back garden so the aerial was not on the front of the house.  I took down the old aerial and broke it into small parts making a small neat pile.  I opted for log-periodic w/b aerial and put it on an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast, I didn’t need the height of the 8ft mast, just wanted the support of the 1”½.  I attached the log and taped down the coax cable put my meter over my back and carried the aerial up to the chimney.  When I connected the aerial to my meter to align it I was delighted with the 50db coming in on all 6 digital mux’s.

Carefully threading the aerial coax cable through the lashing wire I tacked the aerial cable to the stack and lifted the lead and fed the new cable into the loft where the old cable was.  Putting my ladder back on my van I then went into the loft and connected my aerial coax cable into my customer’s distribution amp and then tested their TV’s.  Perfect pictures and yet another delighted customer of Andy’s Aerials.

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