Wi-Fi access points

Posted by in Blog | October 26, 2019
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Wi-Fi access points.


With today’s gadgets , smart TV’s , mobile phones , tablets , I pad’s, laptops Free-Sat, Sky, & Free-View recorders we all have an increased need for a better, more stable and stronger Wi-Fi signal to connect our favorite devices to.  Andy’s Aerials have been installing additional Wi-Fi points for some time, the technology is getting better by the day now, and we have some fantastic products which we believe to be proven and tested to solve your Wi-Fi needs.   We are happy to come to your home or business and provide solutions for your connections, hard wired with cat cable indoor or outdoor & Wi-Fi needs

Here is a list of some of the products and solutions we can install:

  • Wired Ethernet cables, indoor & outdoor wired from your router direct to your devices; smart-TV’s, Sky box, You-View boxs, Humax Free-Sat recorders & Sky box’s inc Sky Q
  • Internal Wi-Fi ensuring you receive a strong WiFi signal strength
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi.  Why be restricted indoors in the summer?
  • Point to point wireless, with distances of up to 10km

Create a friendlier network with passcodes you know and can easily remember, secure but easy to share wiht your family and friends

There are limitation and issues which can affect the products we recommend to install, which is why we need to come along to your home or business to see what is needed and how it can be installed, neatly and discreetly as possible

Outdoor Wi-Fi points are now essential for a lot of our customers, allowing Wi-Fi calling on their mobile phones, not missing calls while out in their gardens, making working from home more enjoyable in the summer months

This is just a short introduction for some of the services and solutions we can bring to you; if you require further information please call us.  Click here to go to our contact page

Wi-Fi Access Points

Wi-Fi Access Points                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Wi-Fi Access Points

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