TV Aerial Repairs Andy’s Aerials Essex & Herts

Posted by in Blog | September 22, 2013

TV Aerial Repairs   Andy’s Aerials Essex & Herts

Tv Aerial Repairs   Andy’s Aerials Essex &Amp; Herts

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We were called by our customer who was having trouble with all their TV’s in the house and were in need of our TV aerial repair service, we were recommended by one of their friends who had used us before, we love being recommend, word of mouth is always the best recommendation.  We arrived on a wet afternoon and our customer was happy to see us, I notice a Televe`s DAT 45 on a 16ft 2” mast mounted T&K wall brackets bolted to their chimney stack as I approached the house and wondered why the chimney had not been lashed and such a huge pole had been used?

TV Aerial Installation Chelmsford Essex

After chatting to my customer I went back to my van and fetched my spectrum analyser to fault find their aerial system, I was not getting hardly and signal at their TV points around the house.  I went up in to the loft and was horrified to see a SLX distribution amplifier and unplugged the aerial input lead and plugged it into my spectrum analyser.  The Televe`s aerial was not giving a good signal and surprisingly enough the SLX amp was working, as you may have guessed I personally hate the make SLX but in this case it was not the culprit.  I wanted to change their aerial and put up a new one on the chimney but did not want to use the T&K wall brackets as I thought the whole thing looked hideous.

TV Aerial Installation Chelmsford Essex

We took some readings with a test aerial expecting signal to be weak but to our surprize the signal was good which meant we could remove the 16ft monster mast and use an acceptable 8ft 1” ½ mast, only trouble was the chimney stack was huge and took a lot of effort to remove the old TV aerial and even more to lash the top of the stack for our new large chimney cradle, “another day at the office”.  We lashed the stack and with the signal being good we used a log-periodic w/b aerial and had a choice of London or Anglia as both signals were good, after chatting to our customer we went with Anglia as the news and weather would be more regional.  We replaced the aerial cable into the loft and connected it to our customer’s SLX distribution amp ( don’t fix what’s not broke) and re-tuned all of our customer’s TV’s, of course all TV’s now worked as they should do and our customer was delighted.  We packed up our kit and ladders, cleared up and wrote our bill.  It was our last job of the day so we could head home.

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