TalkTalk youview

Posted by in Blog | July 26, 2013

TalkTalk youview

We are finding more and more of our customers calling asking for a new aerial for TalkTalk youview, people are simply fed-up with Sky continually putting their prices up and monthly subscription costs are just not affordable with today’s high prices of everything.  The monthly Sky subscription is pretty much a holiday a year and now the new TalkTalk youview and BT youview pauses and records people no longer need to keep their Sky as there is a real alternative.  More and more is now coming through broadband, net-flicks, BBCi player Apple TV to name just a few, the need for Sky subscriptions is slipping away.  Youview whether TalkTalk or BT is fantastic and although you still need broadband your good of TV aerial provides all the signals for the channels.

TalkTalk youview

As many of my customers have been with Sky for so long they have not replaced their TV aerial for some time and when changing over to either BT youview or TalkTalk youview they quickly discover they either do not have a TV aerial or their aerial has reached is life expectancy (25yrs to 40yrs) and in now in need of replacing or upgrading to deliver the digital signal to their new youview.  Obviously there is an initial charge for a new TV aerial installation but if you do the figures and divide the cost firstly by years and then months and again days it’s nothing!  Most houses (most) can receive a fantastic flawless free digital signal and yes there are still pockets of the country which struggle to get a full signal sadly, but don’t forget good old free-sat and free-sat free-time which is the youview in the free satellite range.

TalkTalk youview

How do I know if I can get youview through my aerial where I live?  Well contact a reputable aerial company and speak to them.  If its Essex or Herts you live in of course call as we are always happy to visit you at your home and explain to you your options and give a price for either installing a new aerial system or simply modifying your aerial system to be able to receive the digital signal needed for your new Talk Talk youview.  With nearly 20years experience in the aerial and satellite industry we pretty much have a solution for virtually every customer’s viewing requirements.

Here is a link for TalkTalk youview

Here is a link for BT youview

And a link for free-sat free-time

We hope the information above is of use to you and don’t forget here at we are always happy to help.




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