Satellite Dish

Posted by in Blog | August 20, 2013

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Satellite Dish

Satellite Dish


Still enjoying this lovely and we are called to a customer who is suffering with their satellite pictures, their pictures come and go, freeze and display the message no satellite signal being received, their satellite dish we think was 13years old which is absolutely outstanding, when you think of the baking sunlight in the summer and the freezing temperatures in the winter, as you can probable guess the plastic on the satellite dish and L.N.B has a life expectancy and although this satellite dish was working on and off it had well and truly expired.  Our customer’s roof was rather challenging as its pitch was longer than my roof climbing ladder, and the house was rather high.  With effort we managed to over reach at the top of the ladder and get the roof climbing ladder hooked over the top of the roof, and we then had a 4ft ish gap from the ladder going up to the roof and the roof climbing ladder.  we got to the top of the roof and shuffled across to the chimney stack where the old satellite dish was situated, the dish was round and I hadn’t seen one that old for years, I took the dish down and looked at the line of sight as there was tall trees and I wanted to check my new satellite dish would have a fantastic signal.  Much to my horror there was tree shading about a 1/8 of the dish and there was nowhere else to site the dish.

Satellite dish

I decided to go down taking the old dish with me and speaking with my customers, to see if they had any objections to me using a zone 2 dish to compensate the tree shading the satellite dish and blocking some of their signal, luckily my customers were happy for me to use a zone 2 dish and I set about assembling one.  The bigger zone 2 dish is bigger than the zone 1 and captures more signal guaranteeing plenty of signal for my customers satellite receivers, the further north you go up the country the weaker the satellite footprint until you need a zone 2 satellite dish to be able to receive the digital satellite signal.  I assembled the dish from my van fitting a quod L.N.B and taking all the necessary tools I went back up the roof to the chimney, laden like a donkey.  I fitted the dish in which I believed was the best position for the signal and attached my satellite meter to the L.N.B to align the dish.  I was happily surprized with my signal reading both on strength and quality, success!  As I had moved the location of the dish I now had to extend the satellite cables to connect to the new dish, again luckily the 4 satellite cables had been run in through the loft so I carefully lifted the roof tiles and made my joins and connection on a longer than needed cable and pushed the join into the loft, perfect no need to amalgamate and waterproof the connection and it was now inside the house and I was over the moon.  We took down our ladders and loaded them back on to my van, I went inside and looked at signal strength and quality on my customer’s satellite receivers and we were all happy.  I wrote my bill and headed off to our next call a new TV aerial in Billericay.

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