Satellite dish relocation www.andysaerialscom Essex

Posted by in Blog | November 18, 2013

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Satellite dish relocation www.andysaerialscom Essex

Satellite Dish Relocation Www.andysaerialscom Essex

Satellite dish relocation is very common when properties are having an extension built, either the scaffolding is blocking the line of sight of the satellite dish or the new extension is blocking the line of sight of either the property where the satellite dish is located or the neighbour’s dish.

Satellite dish relocation www.andysaerialscom Essex

Easiest solution is to temporary re-site the dish, and the scaffolding makes the perfect fix.  Fitting a pole mount to the dish allows the dish to be securely fixed to the scaffolding often offering a good line of sight for a good signal and trouble free pictures due to the added height of the scaffolding.  If the dish had originally been installed by Sky, the dish would have been installed low level and have other buildings, trees etc., shading the signal.  Where possible the chimney stack is the best site to locate the satellite dish, giving maximum chance of a quality satellite signal, which can only improve your chance of a keeping your favourite channels trouble free.  We move dishes to the scaffolding and when the building work has finished we return to the property and either re-locate the dish back to its original place or relocate the dish to the best possible position for receiving a signal.  It’s always nice to return to our customers and see the building work finished a before and after type thing, we always offer a return deal with a new dish and L.N.B if the dish we have moved is extremely old.  The life expectancy of a L.N.B is 8yrs is as a rule.  Some shorter others a lot longer, we believe it’s a good opportunity for our customers to replace their old dish for a new one.

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