Satellite dish move

Posted by in Blog | July 4, 2013

Satellite dish move

Another satellite dish move today, there seems to be a lot of roofing or extensions being built where the satellite dish needs to be moved, which is good for us.  We always try and re-locate the satellite dish on the chimney stack once the roof is on, giving better reception, line of sight and signal quality.  We us a pole bracket which bolts on to the back of the satellite dish to attach it to the temporary scaffolding, securing the dish out of everyone’s way and of course keeping the cable secure and out the way of the work and workmen.  Our customers often comment on better picture quality with the satellite dish mounted higher than they had it, we always try and get the best possible line of sight for the satellite dish and it’s always high on the chimney stack.  It is nice with the recent weather we have had to have the luxury of scaffolding with all its safety features and easy access to the roof, we are sometimes amazed at the complex building and design of some of the scaffolding we climb up, it’s a work of art.  The dish only needs to be move just a few degrees and its off line all your favourite channels turned into a blue screen reading no satellite signal, it is at this point our customer’s ring, and we try to get to them the same day where possible, 90% of the time is a good average.  Sky receivers sometimes get the hump once they have lost their signal and once the signal has been restored a software update generally does the trick and gets the box up and running again.  The Sky boxes do not travel either, we often get customers who have moved and their box has not wanted to work after the journey.

Moving a satellite dish is as easy as disconnecting the satellite arm from the wall bracket connecting the pole mounting bracket the dish, aligning and extending the satellite cable/ cables back to the original cables and waterproofing the connections with self-amalgamating tape.  Your favourite channels are restored and at least with the building work going on you can watch your favourite satellite channels again.

Satellite Dish Move

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