New TV aerial Galleywood Chelmsford Essex

Posted by in Blog | August 7, 2013

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New TV aerial Galleywood Chelmsford Essex

We received a call from our customer enquiring a new TV aerial Gallywood Chelmsford Essex and we had time the same day to go there and have a look, as we were working in the area.  When we arrived we saw a sad and unsafe looking aerial on our customer’s chimneys stack, our customer had only just moved in and would very much like to unwind and watch their TV tonight.  I put a log on an 8ft mast and didn’t tape it down, got my ladders off of my van and taking the aerial and my spectrum analyser up on the roof I took some signal reading, the signal was very good, I took a look in their loft and they already had a distribution amplifier which would distribute the log’s digital signal perfectly.

New Tv Aerial Galllwood Essex


New TV aerial Galleywood Chelmsford Essex

I went back to my van and removed the short coax cable from the log, which I had used for testing the signal and fitted a new longer piece which could easily reach from the chimney stack to the position

of the distribution amp in their loft.  Taping the aerial coax cable, to the mast ready to be fitted on the chimney stack.  I returned back on the roof carrying a lashing kit and a heavy duty 13” chimney cradle, and made my way to my customer’s chimney stack.  The sack was a lovely strong square stack and easy to lash, some chimneys are so large it is incredibly difficult to get the lashing wire around and after the lashing wire is around the chimney stack and fixed to the chimney cradle at the J bolts, you then have the task of getting the chimney corner brackets on to protect the brickwork of the pressure crated by the lashing wire.  This stack was perfect to lash and easy peasy as I was able to access all corners of the stack and easily get the lashing wire around.

New TV aerial Galleywood Chelmsford Essex

With the chimney stack now lashed, I dropped the Log-periodic w/b aerial in to the large u bolts and plugged in my spectrum analyser to look at the signal and give the aerial every dB of digital signal.  I was very happy with all 6 digital mux’s being both strong and equal.  With the aerial now secure and aligned all I had to do was run the aerial coax cable to distribution amp in the loft and change the amp’s coax cable feeds as I wanted to be sure they were all good connections before I went and tested the signal from the outlets.  I made up a new fly-lead for the main TV and re-tuned it, the pictures were perfect and my customer’s happy.  I wrote my bill and packed away my kit and put my ladders back on the van.  Next call aerial repair Chelmsford, nice and local, not too fat to travel between jobs Perfect.

New Tv Aerial Galleywood Essex

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