New TV aerial Chelmsford Essex

Posted by in Blog | July 6, 2014

New TV aerial Chelmsford Essex

New Tv Aerial Chelmsford Essex

We were luckily enough to be called out to the White Hart Inn Little Waltham Chelmsford, to install a new TV aerial, when we arrived we were greeted by friendly faces and provide us with HOT drinks instantly.  We looked at where the TV was situated and looked at running a new TV aerial coax lead to the TV.  We decided to install the TV aerial on the front stack as it was a nice square solid chimney stack, with easy access for us.  We decided to lash the stack, and use an extra-large heavy duty 18” chimney cradle, to support the aerial & mast, spreading the load of the aerial mast across 6 brick courses of the chimney stack, making the installation incredibly strong for years and years to come.  We took some test reading for signal quality & signal strength and we decided to use an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast for height and a Fracarro log-period w/b aerial which is of course our favourite TV aerial of choice.  The signal was good but I would have liked a few dB more, if you look at the picture of the TV aerial I have left a loop in the aerial coax cable for a masthead pre-amp or ready to receive a 2/4 or 6way masthead for future points.  I did not want to sell my customers a masthead unnecessary, but left the loop in the coax cable so it could be added easily at a future date if need be.

New TV aerial Chelmsford Essex

We fixed the Fracarro log-periodic w/b aerial to the aerial mast and neatly taped it down to the bottom (appearance is everything!) and took it up to the chimney and electronically aligned the aerial, squeezing every DB possible.  We used the remainder of the lashing wire to pin the aerial coax cable down the roof keeping it neat, straight and secure preventing it moving causing damage to the cable. Once we had the cable down to the guttering we used the down pipe to transport the cable to the floor without being seen, and then we only had a few inches to go across the brickwork to our entry point.  Once inside we ran our cable to the TV and fitted a coax plug and connected it to the TV.  We re-tuned our customer’s TV and admired the pictures.

The food in the restaurant looked so good we ordered some, and sat down and enjoyed every mouthful!  We can defiantly recommend the food there it was fantastic!

We packed away our kit and loaded our ladders on the van and left well fed Thank You.

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