Aerial Installer Chelmsford Essex

Posted by in Blog | April 25, 2013

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Aerial Installer Chelmsford Essex

Friday 24th and our afternoon call is a new TV aerial Chelmsford Essex.  We had already been over to our customer and gave a price for taking down their old aerial, which was fixed to their facia board with a budget 6” bracket and replace it with a wall bracket and new aerial to one point.

I seriously got this one wrong!  When I quoted to replace the aerial and fix it to the gable end wall as we try not to fix to facia boards for so many obvious reasons…   I looked at the surrounding aerials and wrongly decided an aerial to one point would not need any amplification.  However when we arrived today we carefully took down the old aerial and set about fixing a heavy duty 18” wall bracket to the gable end wall.  We soon had the wall bracket up and fitted the large U bolts ready to receive the new TV aerial.

Aerial Installer Chelmsford Essex Www.andysaerials.comAerial Installer Chelmsford Essex

We made up a log-periodic w/b aerial and put it on an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast thinking i could drop it down according to signal strength and the cut the bottom of the mast off, keeping the aerial installation neat, tidy and square.  However when I connected my spectrum to the aerial I was disappointed to see the Anglia signal, from Sudbury was rather weak and kept rotating the aerial to look at Crystal Palace London which was ok, in the sense that all 6 of the digital mux’s were square and straight but only 35db.  Which would just run a TV but the cable had to go through the loft and to a TV face socket and make a jump.

Aerial Installer Chelmsford Essex

Me being me knew it would create lesser picture quality sooner or later and had already agreed a price for the aerial installation so I happily gave a Antiference 15db w/m mast head pre-amp and remote power supply unit in at the same price as I did not want my customer’s TV pixelating.  With the masthead fitted and tested I drilled a neat hole above the wall bracket up hill to prevent any rain running in to the house, pushed the aerial coax cable through and sealed the hole with brown mastic.

Aerial Installer Chelmsford Essex

Once in the loft we connected our cable to the TV point cable with F’ plug joins then fitted a 12v 100m/a power unit behind the TV, making up 2 new fly-leads, one from the pu to the wall socket and the other from the PU to the TV.  With all the leads connected we re-tuned the TV and tested our beautiful pictures for our customer who was delighted.  I explained I had used extra parts I didn’t intend using and stuck to my original price, but very kindly my customer gave us a well receive tip.  Next call Chelmsford Essex aerial repair.

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