New TV Aerial Chelmsford

Posted by in Blog | August 31, 2019
New Tv Aerial Chelmsford - Andys Aerials


New TV Aerial Chelmsford

New Tv Aerial Chelmsford

New TV Aerial Chelmsford

We were recently asked to quote for a new TV aerial with 3 extra TV points.  One the main sitting room.  The 2nd to the bedroom and the 3rd to the kitchen.  Which is where we discovered the black and white TV!  Which tickled me, pink.

Because our customer liked their small TV so much, we thought we would do what we could to improve the picture.  The TV had an analogue tuner (with wheels!  Which when turned run from Ch21 to Ch68).  With today’s signal being digital, the signal needed to go into a free-view box / receiver, which is the next problem.  Because the TV did not have a scart input (probably not yet invented).  we needed to get the digital signal out of the free-view receiver and in to a modulator.  Because the digital signal had to been converted into an analogue signal, which could now be connected to the TV via RF input.

Black & White TV

Our customer was over the moon with their black & white TV back up and running again, as you needed a remote to change channel on the free-view box, I thought it was a fantastic upgrade for the TV. I couldn’t resist goggling if black n white TV licenses still existed…   They do not!  Who would have thought a call for a TV aerial Chelmsford would take us back in time.  I’m pleased we have ultra-sharp color TV’s, without snowy and grainy pictures which roll, going back to b&w is not for me.

We ran the other 2 cables to the sitting room and bedroom, tuned the other 2 sets, we cleared up; packed away, leaving a very happy customer with their favorite TV working again. I am pleased to say; I live in a digital age with Wi-Fi, pc’s and color.  Our next job is to go to hang a flat screen TV, color we hope

New Tv Aerial Chelmsford

TV Aerial Chelmsford

Tv Aerial Install Chelmsford

TV Aeria installationl Chelmsford

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