New TV Aerial Brentwood Essex

Posted by in Blog | August 25, 2013

New TV Aerial Brentwood Essex  

New Tv Aerial

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Our afternoon call is a new TV aerial Brentwood Essex and when we arrived, at first we were pleased to see the property we were attending was a bungalow, but once we saw the high poles and mastheads on the surrounding houses, we were worried we would struggle getting our customer a quality digital signal.  After chatting with our customer, I wanted to run on the roof with our test aerial and take some readings and look at the line of sight where the aerial could be mounted.  There was a chimney stack and a gable end we couldn’t be sure which one to choose until we took readings from all the possible fixing locations, the chimney stack was our winner as there was a break in the surrounding trees and the signal strengths were good for me to work with so I decided to use an Antiference XG10, which is an ultra-high gain aerial and would grab extra dB for me to work with.  The XG10 is a heavy head and needs to go on an 1” ½ minimum and if customers have the budget 2”.  I do not like using 16ft and have never used a 20ft mast, I always try to get maximum signal which can be amplified with a quality masthead pre-amp, I do carry a 12ft 2” alloy mast on my van and of course if the property has to have one I use it and always ensure its fixings are generous and can easily support it.  The new TV aerial Brentwood Essex installation I took my reading with an 8ft 1” ½ and knew I the signals would be good enough to amplify.

New TV Aerial Brentwood Essex

The XG10 performed very well and I was lucky with the surrounding trees and all 6 digital mux’s although weak were all balanced as in; all six mux’s were the same signal strength.  I selected a masthead pre-amp from the assortment I carry and went back to fit it.  I always double up on the cable ties which fix the masthead to the aerial mast, and wanting to be 100% sure I always plaster the mast head with electrical tape to the aerial mast.  I ran the new TV coax cable down the chimney cradle and under the lashing wire tacking the cable to the chimney stack keeping the cable run straight and neat, folding a small corner of the chimney stack’s generous lead around the base of the stack I put my cable on a corner of the lead and folded the corner over my cable pinning it straight from the stack so now I could run it down the roof in a neat straight line.  Using the remaining lashing wire I cut up pieces about 6” long and folded them in half to put over the cable coming down the roof and under a roof tile, ensuring my cable would always be still and always be there.  At the bottom I cut the cable from the reel and with my step ladders I tucked my aerial cable under the guttering of the roof and put a tack in the wall at the top, I could now put one tack in the bottom and have a nice straight cable run, I went back up the ladder and tacked my aerial cable every 5 brick courses keeping the tacks even and softer on the eye.  I drilled a new hole in my customer’s house as their old aerial cable came in close to their door, and was getting caught by the curtains and seen.  I drilled a 10mm hole behind where the TV sat and ensuring my cable entering my customer’s house had a rain loop, I sealed the hole with brown silicon sealer; I put a decorative white grommet through the cable and pushed it into the wall until it seated neatly in mu customer’s wall.  When I had fitted the new coax plug on my aerial cable I plugged it in to my spectrum and checked the signal and I have to say I was delighted.  I re-tuned my customer’s TV and admired my beautiful pictures.  I wrote my bill and set off to my next call, another new TV aerial Brentwood Essex.

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