New TV Aerial Billericay Essex

Posted by in Blog | August 17, 2014

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New Tv Aerial Billericay Essex

New TV Aerial Billericay Essex

With all this lovely hot weather we are still working in lofts, which is just delightful!  Our first job Monday was a new TV aerial Billericay Essex and we were delighted to see such a big loft.  We took up our loft steps along with a test aerial and our spectrum analyser to take some signal reading, to see if we could put our customer’s new TV aerial in their loft, and surprisingly it could so we set about getting the new TV aerial permanently fixed. After a little thought we decided to use a satellite zone 2 dish bracket and mast as the bracket can be squeezed together, making the fixing holes narrower to accommodate the loft beams where we ideally wanted to secure our Fracarro log-periodic aerial.  One of the massive advantages of the Fracarro log-periodic aerials in lofts are: as there are no back plates / deflectors you can mount the log high without the deflectors catching the roof pitch allowing you to mount the aerial higher, as well as being a fantastic performing aerial it’s neat and discreet.

New TV Aerial Billericay Essex

Our customer wanted 2 TV points wiring in so once we had the aerial electronically aligned and had our Signal readings we ran the aerial cable approximately 1mtr away from the aerial and fitted a 2way masthead pre-amp with a variable gain from 10DB to 25DB.  Using the spectrum analyser we turned down the output of the variable gain masthead until we received the perfect signal with minimum noise.  A new TV Aerial Billericay Essex installed by Andy’s Aerials has to have the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed!  We extended our customer’s TV coax cables neatly around the loft, stapling them out the way where no one could tread on them and up one of the lofts beams to the masthead.  We connected the aerial coax cables to the masthead and went down stairs to test our customer’s outlets with our spectrum analyser, checking our customer’s cables and face sockets, as we know face sockets can be a major issue.  The signal received at the out lets were perfect, we went to our van and grabbed 2 new pre-made white fly-leads and connected them to our customer’s TV’s.  A quick re-tune bingo perfect pictures and happy customers!  We wrote our bill and packed away, our next call was not far away as it was another new TV aerial Billericay Essex.


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