New digital TV aerial Wickfoed Essex

Posted by in Blog | June 8, 2013

New digital TV aerial Wickford Essex

New Digital Tv Aerial Wickford Essex

1st call Saturday morning and were off for a new digital TV aerial Wickford Essex.   Our customer’s had only moved in the day before and had booked us at the beginning of the week for 1st call Saturday morning, when we arrived we were delighted to see the property was a bungalow and with a new roof.  We agreed a price and had 2 new points to run and connect the excising sitting room cable to the system.  I went up the roof and lashed the chimney stack with a large heavy duty 5 brick course chimney cradle, ready to receive the mast and the new digital TV aerial.  The views from the roof were nice and the day was warming up as were we.  I fixed a w/b log-periodic aerial to an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast and took it up to the chimney along with my spectrum analyser.  Once I had dropped the new digital TV aerial into the chimney cradle and plugged it in to my spectrum I was horrified to see the bottom mux’s from Anglia belting in at 70db while the top three were not workable.

New digital TV aerial Wickford Essex

I rotated the aerial 360 degrees, and looked at the other signals, and I was disappointed with them all.  However London was workable and decided to go with it, I aligned the new digital TV to London and fitted a masthead pre-amp with the correct amplification for the signal to arrive at the distribution amp I intended to install in my customers large loft.  I discreetly ran the aerial coax cable into the loft and stapled it across the loft to where I was going to install the distribution amp.  I only need a 4way amp but I fitted an 8way so my customer could easily add more TV points to their house at a later date if they wished.  I used an Antiference 8way pro-amp which has a built in 12v power supply, keeping the new system tidy.  We ran one cable down to the 1st bedroom out through the facia boards and down the front wall out of sight, we were very happy you could not see our cable.

New digital TV aerial Wickford Essex

We took the 2nd cable run at the side of the house to the 2nd bedroom and again minimised the appearance of the cable and we were all happy with the cable runs.  We connected the main sitting room cable to the distribution amp and re-tuned our customers TV.  As always we had happy and delighted customers.

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