New aerial installation Leytonstone E10

Posted by in Blog | March 8, 2013

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New Aerial Installation Leytonstone E10 Http://Andysaerial.wpengine.comNew aerial installation Leytonstone E10


Friday 8th March 2013 and a New aerial installation Leytonstone E10, an extremely wet miserable day but we enjoyed this installation.  We arrived on time midday as our customer only received the keys to their newly purchased property at lunchtime.

New aerial installation Leytonstone E10

We were extremely lucky to get a parking space for the van outside the house and we soon set about getting on to the roof to tackle the extremely large (huge chimney stack).  We quickly worked out we would need to use our 5mtr lashing kits joined to a standard kit to achieve the width of this enormous chimney stack.

New aerial installation Leytonstone E10

Knowing signal would be in abundance I decided to go with a Blake Dmx5 w/b aerial and started to assemble the Blake and put it on an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast.  Using a large 13” chimney bracket we lashed the chimney stack using a 5mtr lashing wire joining to a standard lashing wire.  I’m 6ft and I could just loop the lashing wire over the chimney pots which as you can see from the attached picture are falling to bits, and could easily drop onto the street below.

New aerial installation Leytonstone E10

With the chimney stack now lashed, I aligned the aerial to Crystal Palace, and I was delighted with the signal strength, having too much signal allowed me to use an outdoor splitter loosing 7.5db on each leg which was perfect.  I connected the splitter onto the aerial mast with my usual double cable tyes and to be double sure black tape.  There’s nothing worse than looking at another engineers work and seeing the splitter, mast head or diplexer hanging upside down as it wasn’t secured properly, now allowing water to run into it and then down the cable to the TV set.  That is why I always ensure they are well and truly secured for years to come.

New Aerial Installation Leytonstone E10

As you can see from the attached picture we ran the cables down the roof and using lashing wire we pinned the aerial cable to the roof tiles for neatness and to ensure the cable could not flap about or chafe.  Luckily we had a drainpipe at the front of the house, so we could hide our cables behind it and not blemishing the house’s appearance with aerial cables.  The rear of the house had a stench pipe so we ran the cable down that again you couldn’t see our cable.

New aerial installation Leytonstone E10


We were glad to be inside as the rain was hideous and had enough of getting wet, we terminated the cables and tested again for signal strength as its always best to check for faults while were there, but all points were fine.  Our customer had only received the keys to their property that day and had not moved in so on TV’s to set-up or tune.  We cleared up and set off home.

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