New aerial installation Brentwood

Posted by in Blog | January 19, 2013

New aerial installation Brentwood Saturday 19th January 2013

Saturday lunchtime and very cold -4c my customer had already been quoted for a new aerial installation by a couple of other aerial companies and their quotes were unacceptable to my customer.  The house did not have a chimney so I selected the gable end at the rear of the house as I thought it would be more discreet and not over the front door.  My van was too big to go around the rear of the property so I carried everything around ladders, drill, aerial, meter, pole, cable, and the T & K wall brackets.  Although there was snow on the ground my customer’s garden stepped up from the patio which is great for me as I was able to use the bank to support my ladders.

New aerial installation Brentwood

After fixing the T & K wall brackets I decided to go with a Blake DMX10 w/b aerial on an eight foot inch and a half alloy mast.  I got a fantastic fixing on the gable end good solid build!  The DMX10 metered in 35db of digital signal on all 6 mux’s nice and equal, I wanted a little more so I went with an Antiference 8bb mast head pre-amp just to raise the signal slightly and give it a boost to the ground floor distribution amp.  I neatly drilled a hole above my brackets for the aerial coax cable to enter the house and not visible from the ground.

New aerial installation Brentwood

I had already been in the loft as I never drill through walls without knowing what is on the other side so my loft ladders already set up I headed in to the warm.

Once in the loft the house’s aerial cable system was easy to tap in to and well labelled, I connected my aerial feed into the house’s system using f’ plug connection with barrels as I was to send 12v through the coax to power my mast head.

I fitted an Antiference 8way pro-amp in the cupboard under the stairs where all the house’s cables terminated, all the cables were labelled, which is always handy as my customer only required 3bedrooms and the kitchen making live.  After fitting F’ plugs to the aerial cables and I tested the points in the bedrooms and kitchen.  Tuned the TV’s and cleared up.   Lovely job perfect signal and a very happy customer.

New aerial installation Brentwood www.andysaerials.comNew Aerial Installation Brentwood


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