New aerial installation Writtle

Posted by in Blog | January 22, 2013

New Aerial Install Writtle Andysaerials.comNew aerial installation Writtle

It was winter wonder land when we were called out to a new aerial install Writtle, as you can see from the attached picture it was cold and the roof was covered in snow too.  The black panels are solar panels which make my job even more difficult as they dominate the south side of the roof, making it difficult to reach the chimney stack.  The panels apparently store electricity and are dangerous to touch!  As you can see my roof climbing ladder just fitted past the solar panels allowing me access to the roof.  I’m pleased not every new aerial install Writtle has solar panels.

New aerial installation Writtle

After testing the signal we put up a Blake DMX5 w/b aerial on an 8ft 1” ½ alloy mast and a large 13” 5 brick course chimney cradle and lashing kit.  We dropped the aerial cable through the roof and in to the loft (which was a lot warmer than outside).  The aerial gave a good digital signal but not enough to be split so we fitted a Labgear 2way mast head pre-amp in the loft so we could run a 2nd cable to the main bedroom.

New aerial installation Writtle

We took the 2nd cable from the mast head back out the room and around the gable end down to the front bedroom where I fitted the 12v remote power supply.

Our customers were absolutely fantastic supplying us with proper strong hot tea and biscuits, January is not my best month for my diet.  The main TV in the sitting room was situated in the middle of the room with no possibillitys of running a new cable discreetly.  I connected the 1st cable from the mast head pre-amp to the house’s original coax cable and after testing the aerial point socket I changed the face plate as it failed and replaced it with a new one.  Results were good the coax cable carried my signal to the TV very well so after re-tuning my customer’s TV we packed up, tidy up and back out to the cold where we broke down the old aerial into small pieces to fit into the box which the Blake came in. we had the van running while I was writing the bill and guarantee as our feet were freezing.  As always we enjoyed our new aerial install in Writtle and the snow too, it takes more than snow to keep us at home.New Aerial Installation Writtle

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