New aerial install Chelmer Village Chelmsford

Posted by in Blog | December 12, 2012

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New aerial install Chelmer Village Chelmsford

Don’t be fooled by the clear blue sky and sunshine at this new aerial install Chelmer Village Chelmsfors Essex as it was -6c extremely cold Polar Bear and Penguin weather!

we had to remove the fence between my customer’s property and their Neighbours to enable us to get a more safer angle for the ladders, we put up a Blake DMX5 w/b aerial on a 10ft 1″ 1/2 alloy mast with 12″ T &K wall brackets.  If you notice from my pictures you will always see we fit T&K wall brackets at least 6  brick courses down from the top to allow some of the weight of the wall to support our brackets.  Its a pet hate of mine to see brackets put right up the top by the roof line where there is no support and eventually the top bricks lift and cause damage to the property.

New aerial install Chelmer Village Chelmsford

The Blake DMX 5 once aligned received a lovely signal balancing all 6 digital mux’s perfectly.  running the aerial cable into the property above the T &  K wall brackets straight in to an Antiference 6way distribution  amp, internal wiring not mine just connected coax cables to amp.Lovely job but so so cold!New Aerial Install Chelmer Village Chelmsford






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