New aerial for freeview and extra points Billericay

Posted by in Blog | January 23, 2013

New Aerial For Freeview And Extra Points Billericay

We were called out to quote for new aerial for freeview and extra points at Billericay Essex on Wednesday this week; we arrived first call and looked at my customer’s aerial system which was not working too well.

New aerial for freeview and extra points Billericay

The house was middle terrace and thankfully they had a good relationship with their neighbours and we could get our ladder over the neighbours’ garden to the rear of our customer’s house.

New aerialfor freeview and extra points Billericay

As the T & K wall brackets were fixed beneath the facia board of the house and there was no gable end to fix to I decided to use a Blake Digimaster DMX10 aerial which was a good choice as it brought in 40db of digital signal on all six mux’s.

New aerial for freeview and extra points Billericay

The Blake aerial was attached to a 12ft 2” alloy mast to give the aerial the extra height it required to bring in a decent digital signal, which it did well.  Once the aerial was up and electronically aligned I cabled the aerial into the loft and re-fit my customer’s Sky satellite dish to the aerial mast.

New aerial for freeview and extra points Billericay


We fitted an Antiference 6way pro-amp in the loft and extended the original sitting room point to the distribution amp.  We ran a new cable through the loft and out the facia board then down the drain pipe to the kitchen; after we ran that cable you could not see it perfect.

Next point was the back bedroom again we took the cable through the facia board and ran the cable into the bedroom and same satisfaction as you could see very little cable.  The master bedroom already had an aerial point so all we had to do was cut out any joins and extend the aerial cable to our distribution amp.  Supply and fitting new aerial and extra points in Billericay was nice working so close from home giving me a little more time at home to catch up on my own jobs.

New aerial for freeview and extra points Billericay

We tidy up putting the old aerial system neatly in the box which came with the Blake DMX10, took our ladders over the neighbours’ fence and enjoyed the gratitude from my customer.  It’s always nice when customers notice all the efforts in making their aerial installation neat and tidy, we take enormous pride in all our installations, and ensure each job has enough allocated time to guarantee our aerial installations are discreet, kind to the eye, as well as working perfectly achieving the best possible signal.  We always spend the time talking to our customer’s listening to their needs and talking them through what we can do and how we will do it.

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