FreeSat dish installation

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Free Sat dish installation


Yet another fantastic summer’s day, temp just lovely and a nice breeze just to make the day perfect, while working in Billericay Essex, I received a call from a customer enquiring whether we could get to them today for a Free sat dish installation Billericay Essex, I explained we were working just around the corner and gave our caller an estimate and they wanted us to go ahead with the quoted and install them a free sat dish for their new Humax PVR.  When we arrived we chatted to our customer and agreed a location to site the free sat dish and an entry point for the twin satellite cable to enter their home and get to their Humax PVR.  Our biggest problem was getting our triple ladders around the back of the building, luckily our customer’s lounge was facing south, we went to our van and I collected my ladders and carried them through a part of the building so I could access the rear of the building where the free sat dish was to be fixed.

Freesat Dish Installation

Free Sat dish installation

Returning to my van I put on my tool belt and attached the safety strap to my cordless drill put a 10mm drill bit in my tool belt along with 4 coach bolts and mungos.  I returned back to the rear of the building where my ladders were set up and carefully drilled four neat holes for the dish bracket.  I took my drill along with a long 10mm bit and a 16mm bit into my customer’s house and drilled a 10mm hole first and then run my 16mm bit through ready for the twin satellite cable.  With the hole now drilled it makes running the satellite cable easier and neater as from your ladders you can see where you’re tacking to, keeping cable runs straight and neat.  I returned my drill; drill bits and unwanted tools back to my van and carried back with me the drum of twin satellite cable (very heavy) and my satellite meter.

Free Sat dish installation

I fitted the zone one satellite dish to the fixed wall bracket and attached the coax cable from my meter the quod L.N.B on the satellite dish, you need a quod L.N.B and twin cable so your receiver has one cable for you to watch and one cable to record.  With my now attached satellite meter to the free sat dish and aligned the dish with fantastic results!  Both signal strength and signal quality were superb.  We ran the twin satellite cable into our customer’s property and connected the f` plugs to the end of our cable, set-up our customer’s Humax and admired our fantastic pictures.  We tidied up packed up our kit and returned our ladders back to the roof of the van.  Next job a new aerial Brentwoood Essex.

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  1. Patricia Hanson on said:

    I cannot recommend Andy and his team highly enough. First and foremost they arrived exactly on time, did a very professional job.
    Andy even vacuumed up the brick dust in the lounge, surprise a man who know his way around a hoover. He took the time to ensure my freesat was set up properly, and I will tell all my friends that if they need a dish etc installed Andy is the man to call. Thanks for a wonderful job.

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