AndAerial, satellite and media cables

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Aerial, satellite and media cables

Here’s an unusual enquiry to…    Aerial, satellite and media cables

could we tidy up some cables and get several TV’s working?

As you will see from the pictures I have added it was a cabling mess!  The company who installed the media center to my customer’s premises had left a complete mess of wiring and not much of the system working.

Aerial, satellite and media cables

I enjoyed installing a 2nd Sky+ HD to the system and fitted a spc4 sky diplexer/switch so both sky boxes could be viewed around the house but only programmed sky remotes would operate each skyHD+ box.  Which for example ch1 on any TV is one Sky box channel say for parents and ch2 on any TV is the 2nd Sky box children for example.

Aerial, satellite and media cables

After sorting the wiring and configuring it to work well I tuned several TV’s and fitted Sky-eyes around the house extending some ethernet cables so TV’s could go on the internet and connect to the BBC iplayer for example.

Aerial, satellite and media cables

The cables how they were left were quite shocking to see ( no pun intended) so I have put a before and after picture.  Unfortunately the system was housed in the wrong location and if any faults require cable replacing it will be extremely difficult to replace, correct siting of any system is incredibly important for access, repair and to add to ie: new rooms etc.

I was happy for the work the customer got his system to do what he wanted and I enjoyed the work.  Click here to visit the homepage of

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