New aerial installation Gt Dunmow Essex with outdoor TV

Posted by in Blog | May 10, 2012

New aerial installation Gt Dunmow Essex  with outdoor TV

We get some challenging requests from our customers…

The Angel & Harp at Gt Dunmow wanted to provide their customers an outdoor telly to watch the Olympics on from the comfort of their beautiful terrace and garden, we installed a new aerial installation on the chimney of the restaurant, and  ran 2 new cables.  One point to the main bar, and the other cable to the patio at the rear garden where the outside TV was to be fitted.

New aerial installation Gt Dunmow Essex  with outdoor TV

We decided the best way to ensure the TV would be best waterproofed was to extend the roof out by a couple of feet, allowing us to fit the 42″ plasma TV on the exterior wall under the protection of our newly extended roof.  We then built a frame and put perspex in the front to view the TV, allowing the tv remote to work and further waterproof the TV.  Using a scaffolding tower, we were able to work safely and not get in the way of the customers of the restaurant, the extended roof provided shade for the TV, which was need to still view the picture in sunlight.  We were extremely fortunate to be working in such a friendly place and so very well looked after by the lovely staff, who treated us to lunch and what a treat the food was fantastic!

New Aerial Installation Gt Dunmow Essex

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We finished the installation late in the evening and I took some pictures in the dark as I thought it looked pretty swish with the telly on,we  wished we could of had a couple of cold glass of Guinness’s to admire oure pictures with, but we boht had to drive home.New Aerial Installation Gt Dunmow Essex Www.andysaerials.comTv Wallmounting Essex  Visit the homepage of


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